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"Disco" collection. Diamond set spherical jewellery


Custom Made Jewellery & Silverware

Ladies and Gents Bracelets

The Design Process

Starting with collaborative discussions, ideas are transformed into a concrete vision. Meticulous hand-painted options are presented, drawing inspiration from a vast design library. The chosen design remains exclusive to the client, ensuring a unique and special creation.

Uncompromising Quality

Justin sources the rarest and finest precious materials globally. Diamonds over 0.50ct come with a full GIA certificate. His expertise extends to crafting in 18ct Gold, Platinum, Palladium, and Silver. Each piece bears the hallmark of Justin's unique maker's mark in London.

Custom Quote

Begin your journey by completing our form, providing essential details for a custom jewellery quote. Include as much information as possible, answering questions such as the desired design, the quality of preferred Diamonds, size specifications, and any reference images.

Affordable Customization

We offer custom engagement rings starting from £1,000, with a completion time of approximately six to eight weeks depending on the complexity of the final piece. The process can be conducted via email or in-person at our gallery and workshop in Canterbury.

Information Required

1. Design Concept: Describe the custom piece you want us to create. 2Diamond Details: Specify if you desire Diamonds and their placement. 3Size Specifications: Provide height, width, and length preferences. 4.Reference Images: Share drawings or images that inspire your design.

What's Next?

Once you're satisfied with our quote, we proceed to create detailed design drawings. Our team of master craftsmen in our Canterbury workshop then begins the meticulous handcrafting process to bring your unique ring to life. You can also purchase your original design artwork in a frame if you would like to. 

Re-modelling Family Heirlooms

Preserving Heritage

Your family heirlooms contain precious materials that deserve to shine once again. Whether it's the gleam of a forgotten gem or the lustre of aged Gold, we preserve these elements to craft something extraordinary.

Creating a New Legacy

Our skilled artisans take great care to re-imagine your family heirlooms in a way that seamlessly integrates into modern life. We breathe fresh life into these treasures, ensuring they remain relevant and cherished for years to come.

A Timeless Tribute

Just as one client shared their touching story of a ring that once belonged to their wife's grandfather, we aim to create pieces that continue to honor the legacies of your loved ones. Every remodeled heirloom becomes a cherished reminder of the past and a symbol of the future.

Tools of the trade

The Gallery

At our workshop, The Sun Street Studio, you'll find an exquisite display of Silver and Gold jewellery. This collection not only showcases the exceptional work created by Justin but also features carefully curated pieces from talented designers worldwide. Our gallery is a haven where you can explore and acquire unique and individual gifts, or even embark on the journey of commissioning your very own custom-made piece.

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