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Where To See Handmade Jewellery In Canterbury Created

Glancing through the windows of our Sun Street store in Canterbury will open your eyes to a glittering workshop that produces fine jewellery for a wide range of occasions. At Justin Richardson our handmade jewellery shop in Canterbury has become renowned for the delicate and striking designs we create in silver, gold and more.


If you’re searching for handmade jewellery in Canterbury that provides you with everything that you need to treat that special someone in your life. When you’re choosing and flicking through catalogues it can become difficult to really see that person wearing it. When you choose Justin Richardson for our handmade jewellery, you’ll have no doubts.


What’s the difference between seeing handmade jewellery created in front of your eyes?


To see the depth and beauty of jewellery that’s crafted by following a specific design, you’ll want to see it up close. Watch as the smallest details are applied, and each component set by our professional jewellers. All of our highly-trained experts have specific skills which can be imparted to create the ultimate piece of jewellery for that special person.


Come and see our handmade jewellery in Canterbury and how it’s made by visiting us. If you’d like to set up a consultation for your piece of jewellery, get in contact with us today.


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