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How will the jewellery of our time define how we appear to the philosophers and historians in one hundred years’ time? How will we be remembered? A timeless piece of jewellery can do more than simply show off your feelings to the one that you love but provide something permanent and beautiful. At Justin Richardson we want to help you invest in our work as jewellers in Kent to create something special and unique for your loved ones.


With an eye for the present and future, our beautiful jewellery work is on display from our Sun Street store in Canterbury. Whether you are window shopping for something to gift yourself with or you are trying to find the ideal present for your partner, our store will tease you with beautiful designs which you can choose to buy or, after discussing with our experienced team, lead you towards a bespoke piece.


Why invest in our jewellers in Kent?


To ensure we produce exceptional and outstanding jewellery alongside yourself, we will first discuss each individual feature of your jewellery items. Whether you are searching for something with customised engravings or you have a piece of jewellery you would like to emulate and modernise, we have the expertise to help you.


If you would like to discover more about our jewellers in Kent and how we can help you, speak with us today.


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