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Unearth The Best Gifts At Our Jewellery Shop In Canterbury

If you’re in Canterbury and looking to buy something extra special for your partner, your parents or your friend, there’s only one place to visit. From the second you walk into our Sun Street store in Canterbury, you’ll know that quality reigns free.


With Justin Richardson, a luxury jewellery shop in Canterbury, you’ll be able to view, discuss and create your very own piece of jewellery. Utilising our store in Kent, we’ve established ourselves as the centre of bespoke and quality jewellery for a variety of customers. Some want a very specific piece made precisely to their needs while other prefer to allow us to shape the design to produce something equally spectacular.


We’ve been tasked with the creation of everything from necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and much more. Every piece of jewellery we’re given to create at Justin Richardson, we make sure that we afford it all the time in the world; ensuring the end product is something yourself and the receiver will be very grateful for.


An exceptional piece of jewellery is utterly timeless and watching our experienced team at Justin Richardson create it in our jewellery shop in Canterbury will fill you with confidence.


To discuss your options with our team or to discover more about our service, get in contact today.


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