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The Finest Jewellers In Canterbury, Kent

Jewellery is something that hasn’t been impacted directly by technology and the handcrafted pieces created in jewellers like ours at Justin Richardson are sought after across the world. As professional jewellers in Kent, we’re passionate about displaying our stunning and unique jewellery to you.


Everyone that comes through our doors is given our personal service to find and create their ideal jewellery. We provide delightful pieces of jewellery from watches, engagement rings, wedding rings, silverware and gifts.


In our Sun Street gallery in Canterbury, Kent, we can combine our in-house design and craftsmanship team with guest designers that display their work in our gallery. Whether you’re going for a traditional style or you want something completely unique, our team are on hand to discuss your every requirement.


Our gallery is the ideal place to discover the best jewellery work in the county. Not only do we believe that every ring and piece of jewellery passes our highest standards, but it uses the finest materials.


With highly trained silversmiths in our ranks, we create handmade pieces every day. These will take pride of place in our gallery for you to choose from, or you can decide to have a bespoke piece made in our gallery.


You can watch it being made with our team at Justin Richardson. Get in touch with us to find out more.


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