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Taking and extracting the ideas in your head and crafting them into something that you can feel in your hand and gift to someone is a special process. Guiding you through every nook and cranny of the creation of a piece of jewellery is what our team at Justin Richardson are able to do – with an eye for making something special for every occasion.


Our jewellers in Canterbury are chosen and trusted with a variety of disciplines in order to create something unique for the receiver. We are tasked with helping brides and grooms finding the ideal wedding rings, aiding those searching for the perfect gift for their partner as well as those wanting to create a bespoke engagement ring for the magical moment.


What will you find in our jewellers in Canterbury?


Once you visit our Sun Street store in Canterbury, you will understand why our service is reputable across the area. You will have the chance to gaze at our one-off collections which span everything from necklaces and bracelets through to rings, earrings and much more. By looking at this selection of ready-made jewellery items, you may feel inspired to come on a journey with us to create something bespoke.


If you would like to understand more about our services at Justin Richardson, get in contact with us today to book an appointment.


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