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Find Professional Jewellers In Kent

Designed for you, made while you watch and created with the finest materials, choosing a jeweller that combines these three features is hard to come by. At Justin Richardson, as expert jewellers in Kent, we can create bespoke jewellery to provide the perfect gift for your friends, family or partner.


Jewellery, whether it’s a necklace, bracelet or ring, is always something special. With our inspirational gallery of jewellery items, you can begin to shape the way you want your bespoke piece of jewellery to finish.


Our Sun Street gallery in Canterbury is packed full of beautiful items for you to choose from. We can customise any design that you see in our store into something utterly unique for your every requirement.


If it’s a certain gemstone you’re looking to base your design around or you want us to use a specific metal, we can provide it for you. Our team of expert jewellers complement their experience in silversmithing and jewellery creation with their personable approach.


Our team use a variety of traditional techniques to make sure the finished product is everything you expect and more. Our Sun Street gallery is the perfect place to start your search for an engagement ring, find the perfect earrings for your partner or the loveliest gift for someone in your family.


To discuss your options with our team today, send us over a question.


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