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Discover Our Product Range In Our Jewellers In Canterbury

Browsing jewellery online spawns more questions than it ever answers. It doesn’t give you the full picture, nor the feel and intrigue that is provided in a professional jewellery store. At Justin Richardson we’re trusted as one of the best jewellers in Canterbury because of our insistence on allowing you to watch the process.


While we have a vast array of jewellery pieces for an abundance of situations, events and anniversaries, we’re trusted for our exceptional bespoke creation and excellent quality. If you’re looking for a jeweller in Canterbury that can offer you everything you need for that special gift, that unforgettable down-on-one-knee moment or to reward your loved one for something they’ve achieved, we can help.


Choosing our experienced and passionate jewellery experts will ensure that the whole process runs smoothly. A combination of your personal preferences and our team’s ideas will be sure to produce jewellery that is stunning from every angle.


From rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces to watches and more, our team at Justin Richardson will help to make the right impression from our jewellers in Canterbury. Watch our team expertly craft your piece of jewellery by visiting our store on Sun Street.


If you’re still wondering more about our service, why not take a look at our gallery of previous work. Get in contact for more information about Justin Richardson.


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