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When a team bonds together to produce the most amazing results, it comes down to unity and togetherness. In a creative industry such a jewellery design what makes a team is how the individual talents and experience of everyone is deliberately separate to help produce unique pieces of jewellery for every customer.


At Justin Richardson you’ll find a unique blend of teamwork that combines the distinct qualities each of our team have with our years of experience.

Highly qualified staff are on hand to help you from our jewellers in Canterbury, Kent. Our Sun Street store in the centre of Canterbury gives you the chance to benefit from our bespoke commissioning service as well as our vast array of beautiful jewellery pieces.


Whether you’re preparing for an anniversary, an upcoming birthday or you’re looking for the ideal wedding ring for your loved one, we’ve got you covered. By speaking to our team of experts at Justin Richardson we’ll help you through the whole process; from sketches to the real thing being created in front of your eyes.


Choose our jewellers in Canterbury, Kent, to get the best advice and most amazing results. Whatever style or piece you’re looking for, choose Justin Richardson.


Get in contact with us to find out more.


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