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Discover more about our jewellery shop in Canterbury

If you were to pin one mainstay theme of jewellery that can stand up to almost any scrutiny, it would be the longevity. Often used as heirlooms, attached to fingers, necks, wrists and more for decades on end, jewellery has a special place in our collective hearts.


At Justin Richardson, one of the best jewellery shops in Canterbury, you can be sure of finding something that piques your interest with our vast selection of jewellery items and the ability to create bespoke pieces. We’re passionate about our ability to help you find something extra special for almost any moment you’re approaching.


We can give you the right advice and guidance for that special purchase before a wedding, birthday, anniversary or anything in between. We’ll use our years of experience, our exceptionally-trained staff and our central location in Canterbury to offer you everything you need. This will culminate in a beautiful ring, necklace, set of earrings or a bracelet that will be sure to prompt the widest of smiles from the receiver of your gift.


To give you the perfect piece of jewellery, we’re also on hand to help you by creating your very own bespoke jewellery item. If you’d like to discover more about our jewellery shop in Canterbury, make sure to get in contact with us.



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