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Create The Perfect Gift With Our Team Of Jewellers in Canterbury

We take inspiration from everything around us. What we see on TV, in magazines and in shops take up a large proportion of our preferences and desires. When it comes to jewellery, you’ll want to know that you’re investing in something that the receiver will adore now and in the future.


At Justin Richardson we’ve become a leading team of jewellers in Canterbury that can create and craft the ultimate piece of jewellery. This service is best suited for wedding ring, engagement rings and promise rings that will take full advantage of the quality of our jewellers. Whether you have a certain style of ring or a specific type of gem that you want to include, our team at Justin Richardson are on hand to create it for you.


By speaking and discussing your options with our jewellers in Canterbury you’ll begin to shape the designing process. After something has been agreed you’ll be able to watch our experienced and highly-skilled team work your piece of jewellery into the finished product that you desire.


We’ve been working on Sun Street since 2004 and in this time, we’ve become a leading team of jewellers in Canterbury with our vast experience in creating unique and bespoke pieces.


Get in contact with us to find out more about our service.


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